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Markets Served


The residential market requires a different skill set to properly install systems. Our technicians are trained to hide wires and leave a home in the same condition as it was when they arrived. One main goal in a residential security system is to build a system to fit the lifestyle of the homeowner. Another important aspect is to provide a system which is simple to use.



Many retailers have benefitted from the experience and skill The Defender System provides in protecting against the various threats to their businesses. Security systems and camera systems are critical tools in most retail establishments.


Office Sites

The Defender System deals with both building owners and property managers to provide a multitude of security solutions to meet their individual needs. Everything from access control, camera systems, intercom systems, intrusion detection, fire alarm systems, and even elevator monitoring.



Manufacturing facilities often need help with camera systems, access control, and security systems with the ability to monitor machinery and environment conditions such as high and low temperature conditions. We welcome the challenges we are sometimes asked to solve for our clients.


Educational Facilities

A common goal for educational facilities is to keep students, faculty, and visitors’ safe. Access control, security systems, fire alarm systems, and camera systems are key solutions to protecting educational facilities.



Healthcare facilities have been using The Defender System for patient wandering systems, paging systems, access control systems, security systems, fire alarm systems, and camera systems for over 18 years. In some cases they require integration between systems to have a seamless environment.