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Testing Your System

          “Testing your system is vital in assuring that it is working correctly.”

                                            Residential & Commercial Security Systems


1.       Call Central Station (1-800-633-2677) and ask them to put your system on test. You will need you account number and password. They will ask you how long you want your system on test.

2.       Now turn on your system (arm) and wait until the exit time has expired. Open a protected access point which should trigger an alarm condition. If you have motion detectors walk around to the coverage areas and let the system siren ring for about 30 seconds.

3.       Now turn off (disarm) your system and wait about 1 minute.

4.       Call Central Station and ask for test results. They should be able to give you a zone description of the alarm signals you just activated. If they got the signal, you have just verified that the communications part of your system is working properly. If you are finished sending signals to the central station ask them to put you back online. If you leave the system on test it will remain on test until the time you put the system on test till expires

5.       Now I recommend that you put your system in the chime mode. This will vary depending on the type of system you have. Consult your user manual for instructions. If you don’t have one, check our user manual section of this website for your manual. If you need additional help call our office 610-971-1950 or email us at While in the chime mode, you should open and close all the protected points of your system to verify (by the chime) that they are working properly. It is helpful to have assistance with someone by the keypad and another person opening and closing the protected points. Please note that the motion detectors will not chime.

6.       If you don’t want your system to remain in the chime mode you will need to turn off that feature. This will vary depending on the type of system you have. Consult your user manual for instructions.

7.       If you have smoke detectors connected to your system they will need to be cleaned occasionally. This requires our help. I recommend that they be cleaned once a year. Some people elect not to have them cleaned. They will still operate, however they will accumulate dust which will change their sensitivity.  If you haven’t had your smoke detectors cleaned please consider contacting us to provide that service for you.