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Camera Systems expand your visual surveillance capabilities by constantly documenting activities. You can build your CCTV system from the different types of cameras that we offer, so that your system meets your specific needs. Choose from commercial type cameras, hidden cameras, night vision cameras, and high-speed, pan / tilt / zoom dome cameras, all controlled from your DVR or via a remote computer system. We guarantee competitive pricing and the highest quality workmanship.

We have developed a perfect solution for recording weeks of activities without the bother of having to change any tapes or disks. We have designed Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems for offices, warehouses, factories, worksites, nursing home facilities, parking lots and homes. These systems allow remote monitoring, anytime, from anywhere in the world, through your internet connection. Our DVR solutions connect up to 16 cameras per DVR, with each camera regulating its own auto-adjusted sensitivity level. During motion detection, specific areas within each camera’s field of view can be included and, in the event that motion is detected, you can be notified using any method you see fit, be it email, phone, by sending a warning message to a remote computer, or by sounding an alarm in the local security system. Central Management Software allows you to view multiple DVR’s at the same time on your computer screen. You can even pick certain cameras from different DVR’s to create a live view of critical areas of concern.

The Defender System’s wireless solutions enhance the capabilities of a Networked Digital Video Management System by creating an effective tool to increase efficiency and safety. Security personnel are no longer tied to control rooms to monitor video. Now, with wireless technology, security staff can be moving about your facility while monitoring video and responding to real-time events making them more efficient and effective.

The Defender System’s software applications can run on any computer, notebook or cell phone. Authorized users will be able to perform multiple functions, including video monitoring, review, and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera control from virtually any location in the world. You would now have the advantage of knowing what an alarm situation entails before actually entering a building or area, and be able to deploy resources accordingly. Authorized users can also connect to multiple sites, review video alarms.

From their respective individual locations, clients can view all camera images with a PC or laptop hooked to the Internet using high-speed networks such as DSL, cable and T1 lines.