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Platinum 3 High Traffic Door Controllers

This is our most popular item, and is the piece of equipment that our new customers chose to begin with when designing a new monitoring system for their facility. 

The standard ‘wander mode’ will continuously monitor a door for a resident RFID tag to detect. When a tag is detected the Platinum 3 will display the tag ID on the LCD built into the faceplate. If the door is opened while a tag is detected, an audible alarm will sound at the door and an audible and visual can be sent to the appropriate nursing or security station.

When escorting a ‘tagged’ resident through a monitored door, a security code of your choosing must be entered into the keypad on the controller to avoid an audible and visual alarm.

The Platinum 3 can easily be programmed to automatically change to ‘perimeter mode’ each evening when staffing levels are lower and then automatically change back into ‘wander mode’ each morning when staffing levels have increased to normal daytime levels. When in ‘perimeter mode’ a security code of your choosing must be entered before any person passes through an open door or an audible and visual alarm will occur. Should you only require ‘perimeter mode’ security at a particular exit, please refer to our Staff controller.

The Platinum 3 is completely MADE IN AMERICA and has a sturdy faceplate, keypad and back box made out of high quality metal for pleasant esthetics and many years of durable service.

The Platinum 3 door controller has many user programmable and selectable functions. From the factory, it is ready to provide protection at initial power up with the preprogrammed “default” settings. However, many facilities wish to modify the settings to better suit their needs. This is easily accomplished by entering a simply code on the Platinum 3 controller keypad. When power is interrupted the Platinum 3 controller does not lose user programmed changes in its memory.

Programmable Through Key-Pad on Control Unit
  • Change the alarm sound made while in “perimeter” mode.
  • Set the time of day (the clock in the control unit has a basic 24 hour clock)
  • 2 escort codes can be programmed into staff controller “family escort”, “staff escort” code.
  • Reprogrammable set up codes provides flexibility for facility needs and requirements.
  • Display perimeter on and off times.
  • Set the perimeter on and off times.
  • Manually turn perimeter on or off.
  • Display the software version of the controller.
  • Display RS485 network address
  • Set control panel address RS485 Port.
  • Set the escort time to escort a resident through the door.
  • Lock or unlock an electromagnetic door lock if used.
  • Tailgating of another tagged resident can be detected.

The * (star) button if option set up may be used for emergency override of locking mechanisms where required.

Switches and keypads are available for the opposite side of the door to allow access.

Platinum 3 Large

 The Platinum 3 is still available in the original larger size called Platinum 3B for those installations where customers wish to add to or replace currently installed Platinum 3 or Alpha Watch 3 door controllers or for installations where a larger box is simply desired for wiring and connecting many different system accessories.

The Platinum 3B